Does PHLEEK make you awesome?

Yes. Absolutely yes.

Is PHLEEK only available for women?

For now, yes. PHLEEK for men will be available in the near future.

Can I shop on PHLEEK’s website?

No. PHLEEK’s website is only for introducing PHLEEK. To fill in your styling profile and shop you need to download the app.

Is PHLEEK app available on Android?

Yes. PHLEEK app will be available on both IOS and Android.

When will PHLEEK launch?

PHLEEK will be launched during Spring of 2018. We encourage you to sign up now to become one of PHLEEK’s early bird members, this way you’ll be one of the first to know when PHLEEK launches as well as receive special benefits.

All products on PHLEEK are the same as retail price?

Yes. PHLEEK promises no markups compared to what you get in shops.

Does PHLEEK charge extra styling fee?

No. Both the PHLEEK app and the styling service are for free.

How much is the shipping fee?

Any order below 499k will be charged an extra 15k shipping fee (within HCMC).

All products bought through PHLEEK will really be delivered in eco-friendly bags?

Yes. In case the product(s) is too small for the tote bag, we’ll package it in another similar size eco-friendly packaging. We encourage you to keep the tote bags and use them yourself, give them to friends/families or return the bags to our shippers so PHLEEK can reuse them.

Does PHLEEK only ship within HCMC?

For now, yes. In the near future PHLEEK will offer shipping services to area outside of HCMC.

Will PHLEEK sell products from international brands?

Absolutely. PHLEEK will be working with International brands around the world in the near future to bring you the best outfit recommendations we can.